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The manufacturer of high-frequency.microwave laminate

Changzhou Zhongying Science&Technology Co.,LTD.was established in 2006,we are private enterprise which is professional in research,manufacture,sales and supply services for high frequency microwave copper clad laminate.
The past two years the company uphold the professionaldevelopment of technology and excellent product quality,large-scale production capacity and perfect customer service system, to seize the opportunity, the rapid growth to become the leading domestic and international supplier of high-frequency microwave copper base,and with the global leading system equipment manufacturers have established good cooperative relations.

Company cooperate with domestic famous universities and research institutes,approved by the Government established the <enterprise technology center> and <frequency microwave.engnendent intellectual property rights of advanced high-frequency microwave substrate production equipment and production technology the company produced high-frequency microwave substrate through the "National Chemical Industry Productivity Promotion Center" that the scientific and technological achievements appraisal certificate, with the core technol-ogy patents 10, and get Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department of the "high-tech products."
The company currently has an annual output of 800,000 high-frequency substrate,prepreg and adhesive sheet(PP) 8 million meters of production scale, the production of high-frequency microwave substrate widely used in base station antennas,power amplifiers,low noise ampli-fiers, filters,coupler, aerospace,satellite communi-cations, satellite television,military radar, electronic warfare systems, global positioning systems. microwave compo-nents, microwave modules and other fields.
The company pay more attention to technology develop-ment and innovation, and has won the "private technolo-gy enterprises in Changzhou City,""private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province". "Star Enterprise in Jiangsu Province"."Changzhou Scienceand Technology Progress Award", "Jiangsu Provincial Science and Tech-nology Progress Award ""China petroleum and Chemical lndustry Science and Technology Progress Award "and other awards.


Quality is sustained and stable development of the funda-mental,long time the company focus on product quality and safety and environmental requirements, strict imple-mentation of lPC-4101 and IPC-4103 and the military standard(GT,GX0 standards, and in 2007 by theUnited States uL certification,2008 passed lSO9001certifica-tion.IS014001 certification,SGS certification and ECM certified products comply with ROHS Directive,2013 by safety standard certification.

With the continuous development of the communica-tion industry, the company adhere to honesty, cooperation,responsibility, learning, and innovative business ideasand the safe and efficient and harmonious development,science and technology development goals,and the majority of enterprise customers and win-win cooper-ation, create a better future.

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Science and technology as the first to create value

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Safety and efficiency,the harmonious development and
the progress of science and technology.




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