ZYF-D series PTFE laminate
ZYF-D series are high-quality composite material made of Tefion ,it is made of electric grade fiber glass cloth, specifically designed for Printed Circuit lt can provide the lowest dielectric constant and loss, good performance of electrcal properties ,its Dk/Df is relatively stable at different temperature and frequencies.
ZYF-CA series PTFE laminate 
ZYF-CA series are igh-quality composite material made of Teflon, it is iled with Nano Ceramic, made of electric grade fiber glass cloth, specfiallydesigned for Printed Circuit ltcan provide stable dielectric constant and loss, good performance of electical properties ,is DkDf is relatively stable atdifferent temperature and frequencies.With the filler of Nano ceramic, it helps to make it asier for processing, thus provide customers with a widerrange of design and product processing space.
ZYS-P series high frequency composite material
ZYS-P series is a kind of thermoplastic polyphenylene/PPE resin material filled with nano ceramic. It is widely used as an auxiliary material in base station antennas and has extremely  low dielectric loss.
ZYC8000 series  Hydrocarbon laminate
ZYC8000 series is hydrocarbon high frequency laminate, which is filled with nano ceramic, and electronic grade fiberglass cloth as a reinforcing material. It is a kind of composite material specially designed for printed circuit boards fabrication, It has a stable dielectric constant and low loss, and remains stable under different frequencies and temperature changes; low CTE, and processing technology similar to ordinary FR4 sheet, has good process ability.
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