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Engineering Technology Center

The technology has many years of FR4 copper clad laminate production experience and advanced production equipment,mature production technology and scientific quality management process;

ln the full use of this advantage, the production process of high frequency microwave substrate production technology and FR4 copper clad combination, developed with independent intellectual property rights of advanced high frequency microwave substrate production equipment and production technology.


Test center

With the dielectric constant, dielectric loss tester, DSC,TMAthermal analyzer, dynamic viscosity test instrument, microscope, image film grinding machine, peeling strength tester,tracking index test instrument,horizontal and vertical burning tester.



Advance Research Center

The establishment of good academic platform in the English of science and technology and domestic famous universities, research institutes, enterprises, formed with independent intellectual property rights as the core of the perfect scientific research system; in English and high frequencymicrowave substrate by "scientific and technological achievements appraisal certificate of National Chemical lndustry Productivity Promotion Center" certification, has thecore technology independent innovation patent entirelyrelated 10A.


Research and development system

High quality research and
development team


There are 5 doctors, 4 masters and 28 others

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